Port Victoria, Seychelles, 2014.
Commander and Staff Public Affairs Officer

A brief overview of the editor's career.

Thorbjørn Hein
Danish Task Group
Journalist (DJ)

- University of Copenhagen, Political Science and English
- Naval Academy, naval strategy course
- Army Officers Academy, Land Military Operations course (VUT-I)
- Various military branch schools and courses
- Danish Institute for Military Studies strategy course
- Danish School of Journalism
- Army Combat School, Lieutenants Course
- Army NCO School, Sergeant

International work experience
- Joint Arctic Command, Greenland (2016)
- Maersk Line HQ, Esplanaden (2015-2016)
- International military deployments:
     - Staff Public Affairs Officer on board HDMS Absalon, Libya (2016)
     - Staff Public Affairs Officer on board HDMS Esbern Snare, Indian Ocean (2014)
     - 2nd in Command, Civilian-Military Cooperation Section, Afghanistan (2010-2011)
     - 2nd in Command, Psychological Operations Planning Section, Afghanistan (2008)
     - Guard Platoon Commander, United Nations Stand-by Forces, Eritrea (2000-2001)
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
     - Public Diplomacy Advisor to the Danish Ambassador in London (2010)
     - Defence Section Intern, Danish Embassy in London (2009)
- NATO exercises in multinational staffs (see below)

Other work experience, a selection
- Administrator, Kredsen Mars og Merkur, Danmark (2017-)
- PA to major general (R), InterForce Secretariat (2016-)
- Various big exercises at home and abroad, on land and at sea, up to 4 weeks at a time (1999-)
- Lieutenant Commander reservist (NAVY), Info Ops Branch, Danish Task Group (2013-)
- Freelance journalist (DJ), various magazines and a few articles in the daily press (the 1990s-)
- Royal Life Guards (ARMY) Sergeant, then Reserve Officer: 2nd Lt, 1st Lt, Capt (1999-2013)
- Bartender, Studenterhus Aarhus (2008)
- Junior college ("gymnasium") teacher of social science, Greve Gymnasium (2006-2007)
- Proof reader, Kristeligt Dagblad editorial staff (2006)
- Guide, lecturer, consultant, The Royal Danish Theatre Opera House (2004-2007)
- Student assistant, Institute of Political Science (2002-2004)
- And quite a bit more

Volunteer work, an example
- Project Organizer: march leader in the working group planning and executing the March Copenhagen to Nijmegen: leading 50 Dutch and Danish marchers through 16 days of 650 km march in July 2012.
- Huge amounts of further organisational volunteer work, like sports coach, juror, student politics, reserve officer association board, social and creative activities at university etc. etc.

Marching, hiking, outdoor life
Blogging, writing in general
Sailing viking ships: years 2012-2013, 2015-2017 cruises with "The Sea Stallion" (since 2016 as a certified Sea Stallion Able Seaman and as a mid-level leader)
Reading, movies, theatre, other culture consumption
Going all geeky with little toy soldiers (wargaming, both historical, sci-fi, and fantasy)
Music, all kinds, but especially heavy metal (worked freelance for print magazine Metalized)

Linkedin CV
Extensive CV on linkedin profile can be found here.

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